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Teri started working with Mamma in October 2014 after working with Mary Coyles for years.  The owner of Mary Coyles brought her over and said she was the best employee and I could use her until he was ready to take her back...hahahahhahah.....he can't have her back, we are keeping her FOREVER!!!!

She is my number 1 Baker/Manager in training and has mastered the NY Style Cheesecake, Pie Crust and much more...

Teri: Baker/Manager

Sarah is the youngest child and Mamma's right hand girl. She helped start the business by staying up all night baking to get product ready for markets and festivals. She was only 13 when we started this adventure, she has learned a lot and is a shinning employee with amazing customer service and the ability to work fast under pressure.

sarah:Baker/doer of everything


Madi was born on September 8th 2013 and is Mamma's first grandchild.  She loves pies and cookies and is highly qualified for her position here at The Pie Hole.  Here future has baking pies written all over it!!  Madi makes frequent visits to the Pie Hole to keep up Quality Control.



madi recipe hunting

madi taste testing

Madi- Recipe Specialist/Taste Tester

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